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May 23, 2007

Tea ‘healthier’ drink than water?

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BBC NewsGreat article today on the BBC website of a study on tea.? It is a concise summary of tea’s benefits.? I guess we should say that a couple of cups a day helps keep the doctor and dentist away!

May 22, 2007

Sale coming up this weekend

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herbal teas.jpgJoin us for our Weekend sale.? We will be closed Monday for Memorial Day so this weekend is the time to stock up!? Teas and Tea ware will be on sale, we’ll have drawings and the usual fun!

Key Lime Pie

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Our very popular Key Lime Pie is back just in time for summer.? The cool lime and scrumptious graham cracker crust come through this black tea.

Takes you straight to a tropical island!

May 20, 2007

Ask Souvia-Tea and Osteoporosis

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We’ve had several customers mention that they had heard that drinking tea contributes to osteoporosis.? We are not sure where this inforation is coming from as stduies available online indicuate either no relationship or a positive relationship be tween tea and osteoporosis.? The only possible contributing factor is excessive caffeine intake (think 8-10 cups per day). ?

Another study of older women in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those drinking tea had high bone mass density than those who did not.

? But as we always recommend, look critically at studies out there and talk to a medical professional, ask questions!

Here are some? more links to get you started:

Dietary? Caffeine intake is not correlated with adolescent bone gain

Epidemiological Evidence of increased bone mass density in habitual tea drinkers


May 2, 2007

Nice Article in the AZ Republic Food Section

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? arizona republic business buzz souvia phoenix_New.JPG

Souvia received a nice mention in Howard Seftel’s and Carey Sweet’s column today… Excerpted below:

Steep yourself in tea at Scottsdale Souvia, too
there certainly are a lot of fragrant choices here. And now, a second, Souvia has opened in Scottsdale.
Beyond Earl Grey and Oolong, there are intriguing varieties flavored green Menthos Sencha (made with high-quality Chinese “gunpowder” tea); grapefruit-scented China OP lichee; and an Ayurvedic blend of cardamom, licorice, coriander, fennel, ginger roots and rose petals. Not sure whether you like sipping hot Sencha? Souvia offers free tastings before you buy plus classes…

? ?

May 1, 2007

Free Samples?

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Free Tea SamplesMany of you have asked for samples of our teas.? We are starting a new program that allows you to choose a sample of ANY of our 130 teas for each 20 dollars spent.? This means if you spend $21.78, you get to select a sample of any tea.? Spend $40 and get two, etc.

Members of our loyalty program may also use 50 points to slect a sample of their choice.

This is a great way to try something new!