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July 31, 2007

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine

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Souvia's Angel's Kiss tea in PHoenix Home and GardenFor those of you Angel’s Kiss fans, the tea had a nice mention (along with Souvia) in the Agust issue of Phoenix Home and Garden magazine? “Market Basket” Section.? We were listed along with the usual corporate suspects China Misty, Tazo and Republic of Tea.

An excerpt “Souvia, a tea shop in Scottsdale, has an array of loose teas from which to choose. Its Angel’s Kiss (above right) is a green tea with the sweet tastes of papaya, pineapple, rose petals and strawberries.”

July 30, 2007

Tea and Art

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At Souvia, we do our best to support local artisans and crafts people.? ? In July, we hosted Nicole Royse at our Scottsdale location for a one night showing.? ? It was well attended at even got a mention in the East Valley Tribune.? ? Nicole will be back in September and we’ll try more of these types of events as time progresses.

July 26, 2007

Tea’s a Passion at Souvia – Arizona Republic

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If you are a regular at Souvia, you already know this!? But the Arizona Republic just published a nice article that articulates it well.

? Some excerpts:

“Since its origins in China 5,000 years ago, tea has been known to build community, and at Souvia, you can get to know people on a first-name basis”

“Tea is one of Wingert’s passions and she can sit for hours and talk tea.”

? The whole story is here


July 20, 2007

Reminder – Souvia on KPNX

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Channel 12 in Phoenix.? ? Monday the 23rd? between 12 Noon and 1pm.? ? Set your DVRs!

July 18, 2007

Saul Kaye is back on 21 July 11-2pm

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July 17, 2007

2nd Annual Summer Tea Sale

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Please join us Friday and Saturday, July 28-29 for our Second Annual Tea Sale!? We will have most teas on sale, some teaware, and will have a “scratch and dent table” as well.

? This will be a great time to stock up on some of our seasonal teas before the disappear for the Fall!

July 16, 2007

Souvia on KPNX – Channel 12

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Watch for Kerstin’s smilin’ face on KPNX (Channel 12) Midday show on 23 July.? She’ll be talking about iced tea!? You’ll see multiple ways you can easily prepare iced tea from loose tea leaves.?

July 11, 2007

Bottled Water

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An astonishing story on the impact of bottled water on the environment was on NPR late last month.? It covered everything from distribution, to contents to disposal.

Bottled Water: A Symbol of U.S. Commerce, Culture

The NPR piece is based on a longer article in Fast Company Magazine.

? The remarkable parts are what Americans spend ($15 BILLION) and what is thrown away (38 BILLION empty bottles).? ? In a little thought experiment that works out to a pile of bottles covering a football field and extending 5 miles high!

So, do your part use refillable containers when possible.

July 9, 2007

Tea and Hydration

Rainbow of iced teaIt’s hot this time of year.? A Colleague reported temps above 100 in Montana!? Everyone know is is important to stay hydrated.? There was a great story on National Public Radio this week on that topic.? The good news?? Tea is a great hydrator.? Listen to the whole story here.? Got Water? Summer Heat Ignites Dehydration

July 1, 2007

Independent’s Week

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Today kicks off independent’s Week in Phoenix.? This well celebrates the samll independent businesses that make Phoenix unique.? Make special effort to shop locally this week.? ? You will be glad you did!

? More at