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June 19, 2012


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If you want to make the perfect cup of tea anywhere you are, or maybe you found a great blend but cannot remember the name.  There are some great tea apps on the market for those of you i-phone and i-pad fans, that can make storing tea notes and calculating steeping times easy as pie.

TEA (by Samuel Iglesias0

available for : i-phone and iPhone and iPad for $1.99

It is the most comprehensive tea app and features a tea timer and default steeping suggestions. It also allows you to store tasting notes and preferred steeping times for your favorite blends. You can keep an inventory of your teas and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

TEA REMEDY (by Fingoware LLC)

available for iPhone and iPad for $0.99

This app helps your select the right tea for your mood! How are you feeling? Scroll down the directory to find herbal remedies for weight loss, improving memory and fighting a cold. You will always find suggestions for the ideal cup.

AROMATIC (by Konstantin Gonikman)

available for iPhone and iPad for $2.99

Refine your tea knowledge with this tea app. It contains detailed descriptions of over 50 types of tea, a tea glossary and brewing notes. You can also browse through photos and study maps to learn more about the origins of your favorites tealeaves.

Who says tea, an ancient beverage, and modern technology don’t mix!


June 4, 2012

World Tea Expo 2012

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Rachel and I spent most of the weekend in Las Vegas at the World Tea Expo. Aside from attending seminars to braoden our tea horizon, our mission was to find new and exciting teas and products.

We were not disappointed and connected with tea merchants from China to source the best pu-erhs, sipped a delicious Dulce d Leche Mate from Argentina and were blown away by a blueberry Matcha tea – served iced!  Needless to say, several of these finds, you will be able to taste and purchase at Souvia soon!

Stay tuned for more news on these and other products we discovered ……