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October 29, 2012

Souvia Class for Junior Herbies!

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You can never start too early! That is why we offer fun and interactive classes for our younger customers.

If you need something fun and educational to do for your child  this weekend? Have them come to our Junior Herbies Class!
During the 2 hour session, the kids will
  • explore the fun and common uses for Lavender
  • create their own bath salt using herbs and oils
  • enjoy caffeine-free Roobios tea and snacks

Age: 6-12


$20.00 per child or $35.00 for 2 children

Parents are NOT required to stay  – Sign up TODAY!

October 19, 2012

Tea and Health!

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At the 5th international Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health, leading nutrition scientists from all over the world came together and revealed more of tea’s preventative health benefits.

Tea and Body Weight

Obesity is the largest public health concern in North America and there are few strategies that provide long-term success. New research on tea catechins suggests that they may provide a benefit in maintaining body weight or promoting weight loss.

Tea and Bone and Muscle Strength

Researchers at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center conducted studies with 150 postmenopausal women with low bone mass. At the end of the six-months trial they found that 500mg green tea extract (equivalent to 4-6 cups of green tea daily) improved markers for bone formation, reduced markers of inflammation and increased muscle strength in the participants of the study.

Memory and Mental Sharpness

This study focused on black tea and showed that consuming black tea on a regular basis improves attention and self-reported alertness. The study, conducted by Unilever R&D, supports earlier studies on the mental benefits of tea.

Five thousand years ago in China, tea was revered for its medicinal properties and modern science is now backing up what the ancient healers knew all along – drinking a few cups of tea a day will keep the doctor away!



October 12, 2012

Relieve Menopausa Symptoms with Red Clover

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We do get many questions from women who want to treat menopausal discomfort in a natural way, with remedies that provide relief without unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.

Red Clover has been used in menpause formular for a long time and now research confirms this anecdotal evidence. Researchers in Austria surveyed 109 postmenopausal women about their complaints, and then gave them either a placebo or red clover (80mg/day). After 90 days, those taking the herb reported significantly fewer hot flashes and other discomforts. Then the groups were flipped and those who initially took the placebo were switched to the herb and vice versa.

Again after 90 days, the red clover group reported significantly fewer hot flashes. (findings are published Gyneocological Endocrinology). 

In a second study of the same group of women, red clover was shown to reduce fatigue and improve mood, sleep, skin tone and libido.

Red clover is generally regarded as safe but it’s high content of phytoestrogen may cause a problem with a history of breast cancer in the family. Always check with your physician before starting any new herbal regimen or supplements.



October 4, 2012

It’s Official – Fall Is Here!

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The mornings and evenings are a little cooler – perfect for a nice cup of hot tea! Fall has officially arrived and with it our new flavors for the season.  Aside from Pumpkin Pie, Holiday Delight and Gingerbreadhouse which were customer favorites last year, we have a nice selection of teas, herbals and fruit blends with the warm and spicy flavors of the holidays.

Sure to become a bestseller this season is our Smores Black Tea!   Love Smore’s? Indulge yourself with this guiltless treat. A blend of smooth black teas with delectable ingredients that will have you go for seconds!

If you prefer caffeinefree, Polar Fire – a Rooibos blend with orange and marzipan might become your favorite this fall. Winter Solstice, also caffeinefree, is an herbal blend of warm spices and fruit that will spoil your taste buds.

Visit us at the store and expolore the rest of the new fall and winter menu! I promise you won’t be disappointed.