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January 31, 2014

Lapsang Souchong … a Single Malt Scotch!

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Lapsang  Souchong  has its origin in southeastern China but is also produced in Taiwan.

With a distinctive pungent aroma, recognizable form the moment the tin is opened or the first cup is poured, Lapsang Souchong is an adventurous departure from the ordinary. Its smoky fragrance and flavor come from drying the tea leaves over a pinewood fire. Lapsang was a favorite with Western pioneers and is a great companion on modern-day camping trips.

This tea brews up a rich amber color with a strong smoky aroma. It has a thick body and a robust but surprisingly sweet and smooth taste. Many compare Lapsang Souchong’s taste to that of a fine Scotch whisky. In fact, Sir Winston Churchill, who was quite fond of this tea, was known to add a little bit of Scotch to his afternoon cup!

Lapsang Souchong is pleasing served black or with milk and sugar. It’s taste complements smoked fish, meats, and cheeses. It also adds an exotic note when used as a cooking liquid with rice and other foods.

January 27, 2014

Tea and Caffeine…..

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loose tea

There is a lot of confusing information about tea and caffeine and we often get questions at the store from customers about which tea has more and which has less or none at all.

In general, keep the following points in mind as you search for answers about tea and caffeine;

  • All tea contains caffeine
  • How the tea is brewed and the leaves you start with dramatically affect the caffeine in your cup
  • Tea is one of the very few foods that contain L-theanine – an amino acid that can counteract some of the caffeine effects
  • Caffeine in tea tends to be absorbed more slowly than caffeine in coffee

In general, Black Teas have more caffeine in the cup than Oolong, Green and white teas.  This assumes that the teas are brewed properly. Steeping times determine how much caffeine (it is water soluble) is extracted. Green and White teas with shorter steeping times tend to have therefore less caffeine than black teas.

This, however is just a generalization because the exact level of caffeine depends on many different factors. Whether tea is grown in low or high altitude, the soil chemistry and the varietal all influence the caffeine content.

L-theanine kicks in 10-20 minutes after consumption.  The net results is a reduction in some of the less pleasant physiolocial effects of caffeine without the loss of a popular benefit – mental alertness. This is why tea is said to be stimulating yet calming.

So, whether you drink tea for taste, a boosts or both – arm yourself with information so that you can make informed choices about tea and caffeine.

Should you have to avoid caffeine, I recommend to select herbal teas which are caffeine free.


January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Souvia!

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birthday cake


I cannot believe it but our little tea shop has been here in the heart of Moon Valley for the past 8 years! Much has changed since we first opened our doors:

  • We were the first tea store selling loose leaf tea here in the valley
  • Tea was still in its infancy and had to find its place among coffee drinkers
  • Our selection of tea tastings has grown
  • We expanded into herbal teas and also offer herbal education to our customers
  • Many coffee shops and restaurants here in Arizona as well as in other four other states offer Souvia teas
  • We provide custom blends to restaurants and spas


Our Souvia family has grown and many of our loyal customers have accompanied us through the tough times of the recession and celebrated our successes with us.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve you GOOD TEA and OUTSTANDING service over the years and we look forward to many more!

Come celebrate this special event with us this SATURDAY, JAN 25th from 11:00 until 3:00PM with birthday cake and birthday tea for all!




January 20, 2014

Take Good Care Of Your Heart

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Every year 700,000 people the U.S. die of heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. This is a sad statistic especially since we all can lower our risk for heart disease by making some lifestyle changes. Research studies show that maintaining a healthy weight and diet, regular exercise, not smoking and moderate alcohol consumption can greatly reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke.

In recent years, researchers also found that drinking black tea on a regular basis (3-4 cups per day) can help lower cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.

Another alternative are the many herbals mother nature provides so generously to support health and wellbeing. Hawthorne (Crataegus), in particular is known as the supreme herb for heart health.

It dilates arteries and veins, allowing blood to flow more easily and releasing cardiovascular restrictions and blockages. In Germany, where herbal medicine is more mainstream than in the U.S., three dozen hawthorn-based heart medicines are prescribed today.  Hawthorne is a tonic herb and best results are achieved if it is used over a period of time. It can be taken as tea, tincture or capsules. For an infusion, it is recommended to use 2 teaspoons of dried leaves and flowers per 6oz of boiling water and steep for 5-8 minutes. Add honey and drink 2 cups per day.

For a tasty and heart-healthy infusion combine hawthorne with lemon balm or peppermint – an overall relaxing cup!

January 17, 2014

Green Tea Against Cancer…..

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Drinking green tea regularly is linked to lower risk of cancer of the digestive system.

A large-scale study suggests that green tea may play a role in lowering risks of colon, stomach and throat cancers for older women. Scientists from Vanderbilt  University School of Medicine in Nashville followed 690,o00 women for a period of ten years and found that those who drank green tea at least three times a week were 14% less likely to develop cancer of the digestive system.

Furthermore, the study found that women who drank green tea for at least 20 years, were 27% less likely than non-drinkers to develop any digestive system cancer.

Although researchers admit that only clinical studies can establish a direct link, they did account for other factors like diet, income, exercise habits and medical history in their study and still found a benefit of drinking green tea.

Source: World Tea News

January 13, 2014

Sore Throat – Gargle with Sage!

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This month, our herbal focus is on those plants that help with the seasonal cold and flu symptoms like sniffles, cough and sore throat.

Should you have a sore throat – be it because of a cold or because you overdid with the yelling while watching football. In any case, a sore throat is not pleasant. Rosemary Gladstar recommends the following, easy to make recipe to ease the pain and resore your voice:

Ingredients: 1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup extra strong sage tea (3-4 tsp. of sage/8oz of water – steep for 15-30 minutes)

2-3 tsp. salt and a dash of honey

Mix all ingredients together and gargle about every hour until you feel improvement.



January 10, 2014

The Million Dollar Tea Brick!

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tea brick

A compressed brick of tea dating back at least a century was auctioned off at a record price of $1.2 million in central China’s Hubei province. The tea cake, dark brown in appearance and fermented for dozens of years, was produced during the Qing dynasty. The Qing dynasty was China’s last dynastic period stretching from 1644 to 1912.

This type of tea usually contains hundreds of layers of pressed leaves that are allowed to ferment under controlled conditions.

Demand for black, green fermented teas has  been growing  steadily in rise to reports of inconsistent quality and fears of a new investment bubble forming. The auction winner, who owns a trading company in Shenzhen, claims the tea brick may be worth up to $1.3 million.!

Get your tea brick at Souvia for $39.99……if you age it long enough, it might just be worth a fortune someday!

January 6, 2014

Rooibos Prices Increase!

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One of the largest producers, Rooibos Limited, announced recently that the price of Rooibos is expected to rise by 15% beginning this month.

The increase is attributed to growing demand and lower-than-expected output in 2013. The company said that the harvest of 2013 was not as big as initially projected. Furthermore, demand for rooibos, a bush that is exclusively harvested in the Republic of South Africa, has continued to grow hand in hand with awareness about the beverage. Although output should increase in 2014, current reserves are described as “alarmingly” low, as demand continues to outweigh supply. Interestingly, Rooibos Limited claim that the biggest growth in demand comes from South Africa itself.

source: World Tea News

January 3, 2014

Celebrating Hot Tea…All Month Long!

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January is National Hot Tea month and a great time to enjoy a cup or two.  Tea provides warmth, health benefits and is one of the  simple pleasures.  It has a five thousand year history and is still the most consumed beverage in the world next to water. If that is not a reason to celebrate its many attributes, I don’t know what is.

  • Tea warms the body and the soul with every sip.
  • Preparing the proper cup of tea is a ritual and requires you to slow down, be mindful and in the moment.
  • Tea offers variety; there are over 3000 different teas (non-flavored)
  • Tea is not only for drinking – with a little pinch of Chai, you can add some spice to the ordinary sugar cookie recipe
  • Add some seltzer and ice to your favorite tea for a refreshing summer drink.
  • Tea’s antioxidants and flavenoids also contribute to the positive effects on the body. Tea is even shown to be an effective flu fighter!
  • All year round black teas help strengthen the cardiovascular system

Isn’t it amazing? One little leave that has so much to offer!

So celebrate with us – during the month of January, we offer three hot teas for tasting EVERY DAY – find your favorite!